College of DuPage Emergency Funding Program

The College of DuPage Emergency Funding Program (EFP) helps College of DuPage (COD) students by providing immediate financial support when urgent and emergency situations put their continued education at risk. The primary purpose of the EFP is to improve student retention when unforeseen occurrences impact a student’s ability to stay in college and complete their educational goals.

Before applying for emergency funding, students are required to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or an Illinois Alternate Application. If a student is unable to complete either application, they must include their explanation in the request. Additionally a student may only request emergency funds in a semester which they are enrolled.

Examples of Covered Expenses

  • Replacement of books and other essential academic necessities
  • Assistance with replacement of essential personal belongings due to fire, theft, or natural disaster
  • Unanticipated childcare expense
  • Essential vehicle repair
  • Past-due household expenses (ie: past due utility bills, shut off notices, past due rent, and eviction notices)
  • Tuition and fees (limited circumstances)

Examples of Expenses Not Covered

  • Tuition and fees (most situations)
  • Non-essential utilities (ie: cable)
  • Household costs or repairs for damage not related to fire, theft, or natural disaster
  • Parking tickets and other fines
  • Expenses related to starting classes at COD (ie: daycare expenses, summer camp costs, etc.)

Emergency Funding Application
College of DuPage students will need to log-into their College-issued Office 365 account to access the application.

The College retains the right to determine expenses deemed appropriate for coverage and the amount that each individual may receive. Submitting an application does not guarantee approval.

Note: Students can only receive funding once per year.