College of DuPage Scholars Award

The Scholars Award Program is College of DuPage’s premier merit-based scholarship program for 2023-2024 high school graduates interested to starting COD for the Fall 2024 semester. When students apply for a Scholars Award, they are evaluated based on their cumulative GPA from their high school transcripts, writing skills for our essay prompt, and letter of recommendation from teacher or counselor.

Application Criteria

• Must be a current high school senior who lives in District 502 and attends a U.S. high school or a current high school senior who lives out of District 502 but attends a high school in District 502.
• Minimum 3.5 GPA/4.0 Scale or 4.37 GPA/5.0 Scale (weighted or unweighted).
• Strong writing skills as demonstrated through the Scholars Award Program essay prompt.
• Submit a letter of recommendation from one of your high school teachers or a counselor. The letter of recommendation should address your academic performance, leaderships character traits, extracurricular activity participation, work experience, and any additional qualities that would make you a strong candidate for our Scholars Award.

Please note: if selected as a Presidential Scholar Recipient, students are required to take at least one honors class per semester while receiving their award.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload your current high school transcript, it should include ALL completed semester grades. If you or your school have recently sent your official transcript to College of DuPage, you still need to upload a copy of the file here (unofficial copy is accepted and must contain student identifiable information, i.e. student name, date of birth, address).
  2. Scholars Award Essay
    • If awarded this scholarship, how do you see this making a difference in your academic pursuits?
    • What has been your most meaningful experience throughout your educational journey?
  3. Letter of Recommendation - Scholars
  4. Please share and describe your experiences in extracurricular activities, work, or volunteer service, while in high school.
  5. Scholars Guidelines
    • By submitting this application, I acknowledge the scholars guidelines noted below and there is no guarantee of scholarship award.
    • I understand all communication will be sent to my COD student email/personal email. It is my responsibility to stay updated on all communication. Please enter your personal email.
    • I understand if I have already established a COD GPA (e.g., Dual Credit or Early Admission), the COD GPA will be considered for review. If my GPA falls below the required 3.5 GPA, I may be at risk of losing my scholarship after the first semester.