COD Study Abroad Scholarship - Summer

The COD Study Abroad Scholarship promotes global understanding and engagement, and is awarded three times per year (fall, spring and summer.)

Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your study abroad destination and sponsoring organization/college?
  2. What are your program dates?
  3. What is the approximate program cost? Include tuition and fees.
  4. List previous study abroad experience (program, location, dates.)
  5. Statement of Purpose (750 word max): What are your personal, academic and professional goals? How does this field study or study abroad help achieve those goals? Include any other information you would like the scholarship committee to know about you.
  6. Submit unofficial COD transcript.
  7. Submit current class schedule (if not included on transcript submission.)
  8. I am enrolled in 6 or more credits at COD (in the current semester/term.)
  9. I have completed 9 credits at COD (at the time of this study abroad scholarship application.)
  10. Recommendation questionnaire :Please provide name and email address of recommender
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