Learner SAT Scholarship

The Learner SAT Tutoring Scholarship is an annual $500 scholarship that’s open to all high school who are serious about taking the SAT. The next deadline to apply is June 30, 2024, and winners will be announced on July 30, 2024.

Imagine your learning and career possibilities if you didn’t have to worry about things like how much an SAT tutor costs and how to study for the SATs. The Learner SAT Tutoring Scholarship takes care of the hard parts and sets you up for success. If you have the desire to achieve, compete with the best of them, and see a future in your dream university then we can help you with the rest. We believe in your unlimited potential and we’re here as a resource.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • High school students
  • Current U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident

How to Apply:
You can apply for this scholarship on the Bold.org scholarship platform. Simply set up a free account and submit your application for the Learner SAT Tutoring Scholarship, along with a short essay answering the following prompts:

‍• How are you preparing yourself for the SAT test?
• What’s your goal with the SAT test?

Scholarship Details:
Amount: $500
Application deadline: June 30, 2024