State Bank of Countryside Scholarship

The State Bank of Countryside Scholarship assists a graduating senior from Lyons Township North, Nazareth Academy, or Hinsdale South high schools who have made an exceptional effort through school or community activities. This scholarship is generously funded by the State Bank of Countryside. Applicants must be graduating seniors from Lyons Township North High School, Nazareth Academy, or Hinsdale South High School; have declared a major in Business, Economics, Finance or Accounting; be a resident of District 502 (College of DuPage’s district); be a full-time student enrolled in 12 or more credit hours for the applicable semester, and have a cumulative GPA or better of 3.0 or higher. Applicants must show evidence of exceptional effort or achievement through school or community-related activities. Applicants must submit a recommendation from a teacher, administrator, high school leader, or community organization in order to complete the application process. Applicants are responsible for communicating with their recommenders to ensure all materials are submitted prior to the application deadline. Award: $1,250

Supplemental Questions
  1. Recommendation questionnaire :Please provide name and email address of recommender
  2. Submit statement on career goals, volunteer experience, and how and why you became involved