Foundation's Returning Adult Scholarship

The Foundation’s Returning Adult Scholarship supports returning adults in need of financial assistance to attend College of DuPage. This scholarship is funded by College of DuPage Foundation. Applicants must be residents of District 502 (College of DuPage’s district); must be returning adult learners (first-time or continuing) over 25-years of age; maintain a cumulative GPA or better of 2.0 or higher from College of DuPage or their most recent educational institution; be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours per semester; be enrolled in a certificate, degree or transfer program; and file the FAFSA for the applicable academic year. Applicants must have been denied a Federal Pell Grant and Illinois MAP Grant for the applicable academic year to qualify. Award: $1,750

Supplemental Questions
  1. Submit unofficial COD transcript.
  2. This scholarship requires the FAFSA for 2024-2025 to be completed. Have you completed the FAFSA for 2024-2025 on